Blue Echo is exceptionally driven in our pursuit of shifting the way businesses and individuals perceive the confines in which we believe we are held when it comes to using and generating electricity, and the cost attached to it.

Through this drive and passion, we provide commercial, industrial, residential clients and any other electricity user with high quality, innovative and accessible solar energy solutions.

The solutions we offer are completely unique and tailored specifically to fit your needs. 

Through our invaluable network of diverse partners, we are able to offer solutions which will see you enjoying significant savings on your monthly electricity bills from day one while requiring zero capital expenditure from you.

Our goal is simply to facilitate you saving money and reducing our carbon footprint as a society.


We take tremendous pride in the quality of the total solution we offer.

There is not much more important to us than proving the highest level of quality in the equipment we use, the engineering designs and models we create, and the service we offer before, during, and after the completion of your project. We truly believe that our customers deserve the best. Why settle for less?


At Blue Echo we strive to cultivate an exceptionally innovative and forward-thinking environment. This allows us to always find the best solution for any project.

Whether it be your location, the type of roof you have, the amount available capital, or anything else, we embrace the fact that each project comes with its own set of complexities and we take immense pride in our ability to always deliver feasible and desirable projects to our clients.


Sustainability is a word which holds an increasing amount of weight – in particular -financial and economic sustainability, as well as sustainability in our energy production and consumption.

By providing businesses and people with the opportunity to save significantly on the cost of their electricity and producing energy through renewable resources, in so many ways, sustainability is a core driver for what we do.